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Work hard, code harder.

My name is Anish Agnihotri, and I'm a 17 y/o from Toronto, Canada who likes to build software. I've always loved technology, and have been typing away on a keyboard from before I could write with a pencil (Seriously, I love typing).

Recently, I've been dabbling with Solidity smart-contract development, TypeScript build verification testing (ex: @1Password), and learning Go. You can find me lurking open source issues posted on Github, researching, or at your nearest hackathon!

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Consensys ('18)

Academy Developer

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WWDC18 Scholar.

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Google Code-in

Finalist (OSGeo)

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NY Blockchain Week


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NY Blockchain Week

Best Mid-Week Hack.

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3x Squarelink Winner.

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Hack the North '19

Grand Finalist.

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Hack the North '19

Best Algorand Hack.

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ETHUofT 2019

2nd Overall Hack.

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ETHUofT 2019

Best Totle Hack.

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ETHUofT 2019

Best Aion Hack.

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Hack the North '18

Metamask API Prize.

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PennApps XVIII

Best Blockchain Hack.

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PennApps XVIII

Top 10 Hack.

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PennApps XVII

Best Financial Hack.

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Best DApp.

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THacks 2

Best Financial Hack.

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Legal Tech Hack


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Hey there! My name is Anish Agnihotri, and I'm a student developer from Toronto, Canada.

I've always had a passion for technology and can be found exploring open-source projects and decentralized applications built with blockchain.

I'm actively on the lookout for future opportunities in development and research, so get in touch!

Reach out —

Internship opportunities
Other inquiries +1 416 553 9697

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